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Benefits of Chiropractic

Every year, millions of people enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. Our profession provides a popular, drug-free treatment, and offers a natural and preventative health care regimen designed to return the nervous system to proper function.

Chiropractic therapy offers relief to patients who suffer from chronic or acute spinal health problems. A complimentary consultation with Dr. Pavich can possibly reveal spine and nerve stress caused by vertebral pressure, or “subluxation”.

Subluxations can undermine your health even without causing you to feel pain. They can also cause nerve, joint, muscle or tissue damage, and overall body malfunction. Chiropractic methods can locate and correct vertebral subluxations, thus alleviating negative health affects.

How does Chiropractic Work?

Your spine has a very important function in your body. Not only does it support your body's weight, it also protects your spinal cord, which is the "Central highway" of your nervous system. Our ability to walk, run, jump, lift and feel almost every sensation below our neck requires a healthy spine.

Chiropractic joint manipulation or "adjustment" is a treatment where the chiropractor uses his or her hands to apply a very quick, precise, and safe amount of pressure directly on the problem area of your spine. This pressure momentarily separates the joints, allowing a gas bubble to escape (this is the popping sound or cracking noise you may have heard about). This relieves the pressure on the joint and surrounding nerves, allowing your spine to return to its proper position. The adjustment is not painful, and often provides immediate relief. It's simple treatment that works.

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